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Race result story by Vicki Gehris with additions from Ernie Saxton



BECHTELSVILLE, PA June 14, 2015 . . . – Last week at Grandview Speedway Ray Swinehart was a runner-up by a wheel over eventual winner Ron Seltmann Jr. This Saturday night the two-time point champion, sporting a brand new car, stepped it up a notch and was victorious by a bigger distance over second place finisher Tim Buckwalter in the 30-lap T.P. Trailers NASCAR Whelen Modified feature sponsored by A.D. Moyer Lumber. Swinehart, who lives for racing commented that “he may be old, but he still keeps digging and sometimes you get lucky.” He admitted he squeezed Buckwalter at one point and hoped he wasn’t mad. Swinehart became the eighth different Modified feature winner of the season.

In Sportsman action the third generation of a Gilmore won the 25-lap NASCAR feature in the name of Brett Gilmore. His father Kenny, who dropped out of the event, won earlier this year and his grandfather Charley Gilmore won several years ago. It wasn’t an easy win for the younger Gilmore since he got by rookie Ryan Shupp coming in for the checkered to score his first career victory.

The 25-lap TSRS Sprint feature was won by Adam Carberry by a sizeable margin over point leader Mike Haggenbottom.

The Modified and Sportsman feature winners earned bonuses from T.P. Trailers and VP Racing Fuels product awards went to the top finishing driver in each stock car feature provided they met the promotional requirements.

              Tuesday, June 16, 7:30 p.m. the Thunder on the Hill Series Super DirtCar Series Modifieds 18th Annual Traffic Jam Big Block Modifieds event takes place and will have the Big Blocks featured in  60-lap main event while the 358 Modifieds will go 30 Laps (NASCAR points will be awarded). Adult admission is $25.

Saturday, June 20, 7:30 p.m. fans can celebrate Father’s Day. Pocono Raceway will have their mascot there, pace car and be giving fans a chance to win race tickets.  All feature winners receive $600 prize package from Ingersoll Rand, First 200 DADS through the front gate receive a free Grandview Speedway Can Koozie. Racing includes T.P. Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman. Adult admission is $15 while youngsters 11 and under are admitted free. Fans taking part in the IR Tools texting contest will win the IR merchandise package plus two tickets to a regular Saturday show. Text IRToolsGRV to 313131 to have a chance to win between Saturday 11 a.m. to Sunday 11 p.m.

Race teams will have the opportunity to test IR cordless drills and at the main entrance fans will have a chance to get an up-close look at a variety of IR power tools (cordless and air tools).

The weekly Low Down and Dirty Meet and Greet, taking place at the main gate at 5:30 p.m., will feature the Gilmore family along with Sportsman racer Erik Renninger.

Swinehart overtook Todd Smith for the lead on the second lap of the Modified feature and immediately opened daylight over the other 27 competitors.

Mike Gular regrouped the pack on the ninth lap when he stopped on the backstretch. Swinehart held his ground on the restart, but by this time Buckwalter was second making his presence known.

Behind Swinehart and Buckwalter, Duane Howard, Danny Erb and current point leader Craig Von Dohren diced for third through fifth.

Mike Laise spun between the third and fourth turn for the 16th lap caution. On this restart Buckwalter ran Swinehart out of real estate and emerged as the new leader.

It didn’t take Buckwalter long to outdistance himself while Howard, Von Dohren and Danny Erb trailed. Attempting to get into the top five was Meme DeSantis.

The final caution was for DeSantis when he was spun in the second turn and went pit side. This time when action went green, Swinehart made a move on Buckwalter and was back on top. Von Dohren and Howard swapped paint many times while battling for third with Doug Manmiller just waiting for a chance to advance.

The veteran campaigner never relinquished the lead and pulled into victory lane for his first win of the season being shout-out of the winner’s circle since 2012. Buckwalter hung on for second followed by Von Dohren, Howard and Manmiller. Rounding out the top ten were Erb, Glenn Strunk, Don Norris Jr., John Willman and Jarrad Miller, recipient of the Cargo Trailers certificate.

DeSantis, G. Strunk and Kyle Borror were the heat winners. The consi was won by Mike Kellner.

Shupp quickly pulled away at the onset of the sportsman feature and by the sixth lap had a sizeable lead built up.

Jockeying for positions behind him were B. Gilmore, Jeff Sechrist, Jason Neidlinger and Brad Arnold.

Sechrist, already a feature winner this year, overtook second with Gilmore trying aimlessly to pass him again.

At the completion of 16 laps Sechrist and Gilmore caught Shupp and a three-wide race for the lead began.

Gilmore was back in second on the 18th lap and began to put heavy pressure on Shupp, who ran the high line while Gilmore stayed low.

Lapped cars came into play the closing stages and a few times Gilmore had to back off.

With the checkered flag in sight Gilmore gave it his all coming off the fourth turn and succeeded to pass Shupp for the win. Finishing a very close second was Shupp, for his best outing, followed by Sechrist, Arnold and Brian Hirthler. Ken Eckert Jr., Brett Kressley, Jordan Henn, Craig Whitmoyer, Cargo Trailer recipient and Mike Lisowski, last week’s feature winner, were sixth through tenth.

Heat winners were Lisowski, Sechrist and B. Gilmore.

Tim Tanner led the Sprint feature for four laps before he made contact with the spun car of Samantha Leiberman, who was right in the middle of the fourth turn, and tipped over to bring out the red. Both drivers were uninjured.

This incident put Eddie Wagner in first, but he only held the lead for one lap before Carberry took over first.

Adam Carberry kept everyone behind him through the restarts and went on to score the win chased across by current point leader Mike Haggenbottom, Wagner, Rick Stief, Ryan Stillwaggon, Tommy Carberry, Scott Frack, Joe Kay, Jamie Kostic and Jon Haegele.

Stillwaggon, Haggenbottom and Kay won the heats. The consi went to John Barnett.


A.D. Moyer Lumber Night T.P. Trailers NASCAR Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Ray Swinehart, 2. Tim Buckwalter, 3. Craig Von Dohren, 4. Duane Howard, 5. Doug Manmiller, 6. Danny Erb, 7. Glenn Strunk, 8. Don Norris Jr., 9. John Willman, 10. Jarrad Miller, 11. Jared Umbenhauer, 12. Mike Gular, 13. Jeff Strunk, 14. Mike Kellner, 15. Eric Biehn, 16. Mike Laise, 17. Todd Smith, 18. Brian Houseknecht, 19. Dale Hartz, 20. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 21. Meme DeSantis, 22. Ron Seltmann Jr., 23. Ryan Kunkle, 24. Nate Christman, 25. Kyle Weiss, 26. Kyle Borror, 27. Kevin Hirthler, 28. Ryan Grim, 29. Frank Cozze (provisional). DNQ: Ron Haring Jr., Mark Kratz, Mike Bailey, Chris Gambler, Billy Pauch Jr. and Jamie Speers.

A.D. Moyer Lumber NASCAR Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Brett Gilmore, 2. Ryan Shupp, 3. Jeff Sechrist, 4. Brad Arnold, 5. Brian Hirthler, 6. Ken Eckert Jr., 7. Brett Kressley, 8. Jordan Henn, 9. Craig Whitmoyer, 10. Mike Lisowski, 11. Ryan Lilick, 12. Jason Neidlinger, 13. Jim Housworth, 14. Erik Renninger, 15. Paul Kline, 16. Dean Bachman, 17. Ray Woodall Jr., 18. Kyle Lilick, 19. Mike Koffel, 20. Mark Kemmerer, 21. Kenny Gilmore. DNS: Paul Houseknecht and Pat Conrad.

TSRS Sprint Feature (25 Laps): 1. Adam Carberry, 2. Mike Haggenbottom, 3. Eddie Wagner, 4. Rick Stief, 5. Ryan Stillwaggon, 6. Tommy Carberry, 7. Scott Frack, 8. Joe Kay, 9. Jamie Kostic, 10. Jon Haegele, 11. Stephanie Stevens, 12. John Barnett, 13. Bryant6 Davis, 14. Brad Franks, 15. Jason Rochelle, 16. Dave Graber, 17. Pat U’Selis, 18. Zack Burd, 19. Jeff Geiges, 20. Dave Brown, 21. David Bonner, 22. Tin Tanner, 23. Tony Smolenyak, 24. Samantha Leiberman

Grandview Speedway, a one-third-mile, banked clay track, is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. A full assortment of great concessions and novelty items are available. Free parking on the grounds. Fans are invited to the competition area after the events are completed to meet the racers. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at www.grandviewspeedway.com, Twitter@GrandviewSpeedway and www.facebook.com/grandviewspeedway along with Rainedout.com(for rainout information).

COMING EVENTS:  Sunday, June 14, 1 p.m. Outlaw Enduro Racing, 2-60 lap races for big cars and 2-60 lap races for small cars plus 20-lap Ladies race. In addition two 15-lap features for Blast from the Past Vintage Cars. Adult admission is just $10

Tuesday, June 16, 7:30 p.m. Thunder on the Hill Series Super DirtCar Series Modifieds 18th Annual Traffic Jam Big Block Modifieds 60 Laps, T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds 30 Laps (NASCAR points will be awarded).

Saturday, June 20, 7:30 p.m. Celebrate Father’s Day. Pocono Raceway Tire Changing Contest, Free Pocono tickets, Feature winners receive $600 prize package from Ingersoll Rand, First 200 DADS through the front gate receive a free Grandview Speedway Can Koozie. Racing includes T.P. Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman.

Saturday, June 27, 7:30 p.m. T.P.Trailers NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models, Sportsman and Blast from the Past Vintage Cars in action.

Each Saturday night has spectator gates opening at 5:30 p.m. with a Low Down and Dirty Meet & Greet that allows fans to meet drivers and get up close look at race cars.



* denotes feature win (Feature wins listed are only those that are 

NASCAR point events.)

1. Craig VonDohren, Oley, PA  #1C 2669*

2. Doug Manmiller, Shoemakersville, PA #00 2467

3. Duane Howard, Oley, PA #66 2379**

4. Jeff Strunk,  Pottstown, PA  #88 2129*

5. Mike Gular, Green Lane, PA #53/2 2066

6. Jared Umbenhauer, Richland, PA  #5 1979

7. Don Norris, Douglassville, PA  #976 1930

8. Danny Erb, Boyertown, PA  #44 1923

9. John Willman, Birdsboro, PA  #74W 1865

10. Frank Cozze, Wind Gap, PA  #357/19 1850

11. Tim Buckwalter, Douglassville, PA  #22 1816

12. Kyle Weiss, Hamburg, PA  #21K 1794*

13. Nate Christman, Fleetwood, PA  #37 1737

14. Glenn Strunk, Bechtelsville, PA  #41 1729

15. Meme DeSantis, Temple, PA  #357 1728

16. Jarred Miller, Barto, PA  #917 1539

17. Ray Swinehart, Perkiomenville, PA  #33 1509*

18. Kevin Hirthler,  Boyertown, PA  #117 1479**

19. Ryan Grim, Laury’s Station, PA #17 1298*

20. Mike Kellner, Lansdale, PA #A1/57 1295

21. Brian Houseknecht, Bechtelsville, PA  #323 1276

22. Eric Biehn, Bechtelsville, PA  #87 1224

23. Kyle Borror,  Peach Bottom, PA  #B4 1038

24. Todd Smith, Hatfield, PA  #39 974

25. Ron Seltmann, Lower Pottsgrove,  #R19 928*

26. Ryan Wyatt, Boyertown, PA  #14W 841

26. Mike Laise, Pottstown, PA #15 724

28. Bobby Gunther Walsh, Allentown, PA  #1 680

29. Jamie Speers, New Holland, PA  #762 524

30. Kevin Hartnett,  Barto, PA  #81 522



1. Chuck Schutz, Pottstown, PA  #1 2165**

2. Sean Merkel, Boyertown, PA  #118 1891

3. Wayne Pfeil, Mohnton, PA  #72 1865**

4. Dan Green, Coatesville, PA  #46 1787

5. Joe Fanelli, Exton, PA #22 1756

6. Kory Fleming, Milford, NJ  #704 1685**

7. Dave Ogin, Bechtelsville, PA  #310/8M 1630

8. Rick Todorow, Quakertown, PA #93 1538

9. John Giesler, Aston, PA  #ZT1 1374

10. Cory Merkel, Gilbertsville, PA  #16 1349

11. Lou Egrie Jr., Willow Grove, PA  #4E 1324

12. Steve Gross, West Chester, PA  #62 1254

13. Bill Henning, Lansdale, PA  #80 1129

14. Randy Stoudt,  Pottstown, PA  #5/10 1005**

15. Steve Wilson, Green Lane, PA #15 989

16. Lou Egrie Sr., Willow Grove, PA  #X4 767*

17. Buddy Mertz, Boyertown, PA  #00 747

18. Shawn Horning, Blandon, PA  #8M 450

19. Kyle Merkel, Boyertown, PA  #00 381

20. Tony Giglio #16X 303



1. Brett Kressley, Orefield, PA #19K 2374****

2. Kenny Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA  #7 1951**

3. Craig Whitmoyer, Hamburg, PA  #99 1846

4. Jordan Henn, Kutztown, PA  #77H 1791

5. Jim Housworth, Reigelsville, PA  #72 1783

6. Brad Arnold,  Kenhorst, PA  #830 1703

7. Brian Hirthler, Green Lane, PA  #4* 1698

8. Mike Lisowski,  Minersville, PA  #15 1623**

9. Brett Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA  #00 1606*

10. Erik Renninger, Bridgewater, NJ  #51 1564

11. Ken Eckert, Orwigsburg, PA #29 1520

12. Ryan Lilick, Collegeville, PA  #142 1496

13. Jeff Sechrist,  Robesonia, PA  #29G 1344*

14. Ryan Beltz, Barto, PA  #221 1264

15. Jason Neidlinger,  Schuylkill Haven, PA  #88X 1255

16. Dean Bachman, Emmaus, PA  #65 1165

17. Joe Funk, Coopersburg, PA  #14J 1112

18. Kyle Lilick, Collegeville, PA   #104 823

19. Tom Miller, Gilbertsville, PA #77 815

20. Paul Houseknecht, Bechtelsville, PA  #25 651

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