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GILBERTSVILLE, PA November 17, 2012 . . . Three champions were honored during the Grandview Speedway 50th anniversary awards banquet on Saturday night. For the fifth time in his impressive career Duane Howard took home the top honors in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series 358 Modified championship battle while Chuck Schutz was tops in the Late Model division for the first time and Jared Umbenhauer took the honors in the new Sportsman division.
 More than 500 people filled the Gilbertsville, PA Fire Co. Social Hall to see the top 20 drivers and top ten owners in each of the three divisions receive there awards and there was a variety of special awards presented during the evening that was MCd by track announcer Ernie Saxton.
 Thousands of dollars in point fund money was paid out to top performers with Duane Howard and his car owner going home with more than $10,000 for their championship winning efforts with the 358 Modifieds. Howard (Oley) tallied 5514 points and nine feature wins on the way to the title. Doug Man miller (Shoemakersville) finished second with 4890 counters and two wins while Craig VonDohren earned third with 4573 points despite not being able to get a feature win.
 Jeff Strunk, winner of the $50,000 to win BPG Racing Freedom 76, finished fourth in the standings for the Modifieds.
 Howard and his wife will be guests of the track owners, Bruce and Theresa Rogers, on a nine day Caribbean cruise along with more than 90 others who have ties to the NASCAR sanctioned track. The 2011 track champion Jeff Strunk and his guest will also be on the cruise as part of the reward for winning that title.
 Chuck Schutz (Pottstown) and his car owner, Ty Zeigler, earned a sixth Late Model championship with consistent performances and two feature wins that gave them 5225 points to top second place Danny Snyder (Green Lane) who tallied 4864 points and three feature wins. Veteran racer Ron Kline (Salford) came home third with two wins and 4766 points.
 In the new Sportsman division Jared Umbenhauer (Richland) was able to gain the inaugural season title with 4604 counters and a feature win topping Brad Bright bill (Sinking Spring) 4452 counters and Craig Whitmoyer (Hamburg) 4155 points.
 The top 20 drivers in each division will also receive point fund money from NASCAR. Grandview Speedway is the only track in the area offering two point funds for each division.
 Howard, Schutz and Brad Brightbill have been invited to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in early December for the NASCAR Whelen All American Series National awards function. Howard is honored as track and Pennsylvania champion while Schutz gains the National Division II Dirt Finalist honors and Brightbill takes the national honors for the Division III Finalist Dirt honors.
 Several special appreciation awards were given to a number of media and supporters with special awards going to BPG Racing and Pioneer Pole Buildings for their support of two major events at the speedway. It was also announced that BPG Racing will again return as the sponsor of the BPG Racing Freedom 76 Classic.
 T.P. Trailers of Limerick was thanked for their outstanding support during 2012 with the bonus cash awards going to feature winners in each division throughout the season. The Perkins family, operators of T.P. Trailers, announced that they will return for a second year with their cash awards and that news was received by enthusiastic applause from the audience.
 Special thanks went to Bobby Gunther Walsh and his sponsors, Jeff Teets/Salvage Transport and Steve Searock Lawn Care for their season long sponsorship of Hard Charger awards in each division.
 Jeff Teets took it one step more by giving cash awards to three racers who took the time to say thank you for the cash awards during the season. Two of them did it in writing and one verbally. Teets thought that was worthy of special mention and extra cash.
 Fred Woodward, representing the American Racer Tire Cup Championship Series, handed out checks and awards totaling more than $20,000 with Duane Howard taking home more than $15,000 for winning the title. Doug Manmiller, Jeff Strunk, Craig VonDohren and Mike Gular collected more than $5,000 in awards between them for their efforts in the American Racer events.
 Randy Kane, veteran writer for Area Auto Racing News (a national trade publication), Allentown, PA Morning Call and host of the RCN-TV coverage of events at Grandview, was presented the prestigious Jerry Glase Memorial Award which is sponsored by Marilyn and Ernie Saxton.
 VP Fuels had a drum of racing fuel for Doug Manmiller who was the highest finisher in the Modified point standings using gasoline.
 The top three finishers in each division championship battle received beautiful large color photographs of driver and car courtesy of track photographer Chris Budihas. In addition the top three in each division received awards from NASCAR.
 In the Late Model division special awards went to:
Steve Nederostek - Rookie of the Year
Jason Miller - Most Improved Driver
Danny Snyder - Best Appearing Car
Steve Wilson - Best Newcomer
 Special awards in the Sportsman division went to:
Brian Hirthler - Rookie of the Year
John Kovatch IV - Best Appearing Car
 Modified division special awards were presented to:
Michael Weinert - Rookie of the Year
Jason Clauss - Best Newcomer
Ryan Grim - Most Improved Driver
Kevin Hirthler - Best Appearing Car
 The Rogers family will kick off their 51st season of racing action on Saturday, March 30th with a free-to-the-public practice session and the chase for the lucrative track titles will get underway on Saturday, April 6th with a tripleheader show of NASCAR 358 Modifieds, Late Models and Sportsman stock car racing.
 Information on racing at Grandview is available at 610.754.7688. Season passes priced at $335 are available by contacting the speedway number. The passes include all Saturday night events between April and September.
 Opportunities to market through motorsports at Grandview Speedway are available by telephoning Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc. at 215.752.7797 or email A color brochure is available that outlines all the low cost opportunities that exist for the 2013 season.
 Grandview Speedway is a NASCAR sanctioned racing facility located on Passmore Road, just off Route 100, in Bechtelsville, Pa, 10 miles north of Pottstown.




1. 4 Duane Howard 5514
2. 46 Doug Manmiller 4890
3. 1C Craig Von Dohren 4573
4. 357 Jeff Strunk 4527
5. 3G Mike Gular 4193
6. 88D Meme DeSantis 3166
7. 21K Kyle Weiss 3121
8. 81 Terry Meitzler 3010
9. 17 Ryan Grim 2934
10. 117 Kevin Hirthler 2852
11. 66 Jon Kellner 2634
12. 22 Tommy Scheetz Jr. 2562
13. 917 Jarrad Miller 2506
14. 976 Don Norris Jr. 2425
15. 58S Shawn Reimert 2355
16. 21 Addison Meitzler 2272
17. 31 Chris Esposito 2236
18. 19 Jordan Umbenhauer 2226
19. 33 Ray Swinehart 2186
20. 327 Brad Missimer 2146

1. 4 BPG Racing 5514
2. 46 Josh Biever 4890
3. 1C Craig Von Dohren 4573
4. 357 Norm Hansell 4527
5. 3G JSG Motorsports 4193
6. 88D Harvey Beitler 3166
7. 21K Kyle Weiss 3121
8. 81 Bailey Fabrications 3010
9. 17 Ryan Grim 2934
10. 117 Kevin Hirthler 2852
1. ONE Chuck Schutz 5225
2. 4S Danny Snyder 4864
3. 3 Ron Kline 4766
4. 44 Jason Miller 4509
5. 57 Mike Kellner 4376
6. 93 Rick Todorow 4248
7. 704 Kory Fleming 4235
8. 769 Steve Nederostek 4234
9. 72 Wayne Pfeil 4111
10. X4 Lou Egrie Sr. 4001
11. 117M Sean Merkel 3838
12. ZT1 John Giesler 3739
13. 46 Andy Ressler 3661
14. 2 Dallas Breidenbach 2824
15. 00 Buddy Mertz 2456
16. 80 Bill Henning 2360
17. 31 Dave Ogin 2285
18. 19 Drew Weisser 1997
19. 70 Steve Wilson 1808
20. 14 Steve Todorow 1806
1. ONE Ty Ziegler 5225
2. 4S Danny Snyder 4864
3. 3 Ron Kline 4766
4. 44 Jason Miller 4509
5. 57 Mike Kellner 4376
6. 93 Isabella Todorow 4248
7. 704 Kory Fleming 4235
8. 769 Steve Nederostek 4234
9. 72 Wayne Pfeil 4111
10. X4 Frank and Doris McCarthy 3157
1. 19U & 00A Jared Umbenhauer 4604
2. 19 Brad Brightbill 4452
3. 99 Craig Whitmoyer 4155
4. 88X & 97 Dave Dissinger 4033
5. 14 Paul Kline 4021
6. 14J Joe Funk 3909
7. B4 & 45X Kyle Borror 3786
8. 117 Brian Hirthler 3631
9. 53 Bobby Lilick Jr. 3541
10. 17X Kevin Beach 3463
11. 15 Mike Lisowski 3166
12. 51 Erik Renninger 2507
13. 00 John Kovatch IV 2490
14. 23 Mike Stringer 2468
15. 221 Ryan Beltz 2386
16. 98 Tim Apgar 2227
17. 542 Guy Germano 2150
18. 11 Kaitie McCardle 2116
19. 26 Steve Searock 1884
20. 41 Cory Sechrist 1781
1. 19 Brad Brightbill 4452
2. 19U Tom Umbenhauer 4374
3. 99 Craig Whitmoyer 4155
4. 14 Paul and Jennifer Kline 4021
5. 14J Joe Funk 3909
6. 117 Brian Hirthler 3631
6. 88X & 97 Dave Dissinger 3631
8. B4 Tim Borror 3566
9. 53 Bobby Lilick Sr. 3541
10. 17X Kevin Beach Sr. 3463

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