Date: 9/23/2012 11:12:41 PM

Official North East Enduro Tour Series (NEETS) Press Release

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SUNDAY SEPT 30, 1PM – Grandview Speedway. Scott Dunn Auto Service Dirt Tour Race #7 of 8, Fem-duro. Ladies Championship Race (50-laps), Big Car Enduro (100-laps), Small Car Enduro (100-laps), Blast from the Past Vintage Stock Cars (2-15 lap features).

SUNDAY OCT 14, 1PM – Grandview Speedway. Scott Dunn Auto Service Dirt Tour Race #8 of 8, Mutha of all Enduros. Big Car Enduro (Double Points/1 ˝ Purse, 150-laps), Small Car Enduro (Double Points/1 ˝ Purse. 150-laps), Top Ten Challenge Races.

SATURDAY OCT 27. Time TBA – New Egypt Speedway. Big and Small Car Enduro Championship Race.

SATURDAY NOV 10, 5:00PM – 9th Annual Awards Banquet at Joseph’s Catering Hall in Horsham PA.





September 23, 2012, Bechtelsville PA – In the NEETS Enduro Scott Dunn Auto Service race #6 Sunday afternoon at Grandview Speedway, Drew Ott (Schwenksville PA), Robby Dunn (Yardville NJ) and Linsey Rummel (Parkerford PA) each scored a hard earned victory.


     Under beautiful sunny skies, Ott drove to a convincing win in the 100-lap Big Car Enduro as part of the “Junk-a-Thon” event. It was Ott’s third career win. Meanwhile R. Dunn nursed his car to the finish line for his first ever Grandview victory and Rummel made it two triumphs in a row.


     The NEETS Series will return to Grandview in one week, Sunday September 30. The Ladies division will battle in a championship 50-lapper offering double points along with a Big Car Enduro (100-laps), Small Car Enduro (100-laps) and twin 15-lap features for the Blast from the Past Vintage Stock Cars. Pit gates open for registration and inspection at 8AM while grandstand gates open at 12:00PM. Racing gets underway at 1:00PM. Adult general admission to the stands is just $7.


     In this past Sunday’s 100-lap Big Car Enduro, Howie Bott, Joel Pilgert, and Pat Hires each led in the early going. Bott eventually experienced tire issues, and Pilgert dropped from the race while running in third. Hires also fell from the contention just after being passed by a hard charging Chuck Eckert. After starting from 31st, Eckert miraculously made his way to the front and appeared to have the dominant car, but he also experienced his share of tough luck and retreated to the pit area while leading.


     This set up a nice, spirited battle between the veteran Carl Ruppert and the always consistent Ott. Eventually, Ott took complete control of the event. After opening up a huge lead, his car spun on the backstretch. Staying on the accelerator, Ott remained in front of the pack and later drove to some of his quickest laps in the contest. Ott throttled his Chevy Caprice #312 to a win on a lap of his own. Defending tour champion Tim Pauch (Stockton NJ), in only his second appearance of the year, finished runner-up and Chuck Detweiler (Schuylkill Haven PA) charged from 26th to third. After a wild last corner tangle, Brandon Guyer (Ivyland PA) who was up to the second spot, ended up finished in fourth while Lee Allen (Old Bridge NJ) nailed down fifth in his first ever Grandview Speedway appearance.


     A good field of 33 cars started the contest, and 20 still remained on the speedway after 100-laps of competition. Carl Ruppert set quickest time in the event.


     In the 100-lap Small Car Enduro, Scott Dunn led for three laps until Pat Hires took command. The car on the move belonged to Jimmy Neiman, who started last and quickly worked into the front five. Just after Neiman grabbed the lead, Hires slowed to the inside of the speedway. Neiman would also encounter problems as he headed pit-side later, giving the lead to Steve Todorow.


     A flat tire would place Todorow in the pits, and Robby Dunn who was running a fantastic race throughout the distance took control. Just inside two laps remaining, Dunn lapped the second place car of Phil Levering. Then it was R. Dunn’s turn for a flat tire, and Levering quickly un-lapped himself and tried to gain some ground. Sputtering out of turn four to grab the checkered flag, R. Dunn held on to grab his first win of the season at Grandview. Levering (Parkerford PA) finished second and Don Daigneault (Earlville) was third. Despite falling a lap down early, Art Kulik remained in contention and the Bensalem PA based racer finished fourth. Dan Daigneault (Earlville) made the charge from 24th to fifth. No red flags were needed during this race as it was completed without any stoppages.


     After a spirited duel with Jen Hausman, Rummel attained her second Ladies race win of the season over Hausman (Bechtelsville PA), Jessica Dunn (Yardville NJ), Charlene Lisowski (Minersville PA), and Penelope Pitstop (Parts Unknown).


     The Blast from the Past Vintage Cars competed in a pair of 15-lap Main events. In the B-division race, Larry Sullivan was the first B-group car across the line. Ronnie Peck won the A-division event. It was Peck’s third victory of the season at Grandview.




BIG CAR ENDURO (100-laps): 1) 312-Drew Ott, 2) 5-Tim Pauch 3) 70-Chuck Detweiler, 4) 77-Brandon Guyer, 5) 72-Lee Allen, 6) 99-Tom Wolf, 7) 6x-Justen Steigerwalt, 8) 39-Phil Levering, 9) 111-Jeremy Krauss, 10) 8-Jason Brown, 11) 53-Darrell Herman, 12) 32-Joe Kunkel, 13) 49-Chuck Dietzel, 14) 11-Brian Moyer, 15) 412-Johnny Sacks, 16) 37-Joe Farley, 17) 65-Dan Daigneault, 18) 25T-Travis Guyer, 19) 36-Carl Ruppert, 20) 3-Chuck Eckert, 21) 75-Howie Bott, 22) 2EX-Ray Cinqmars, 23) 88x-Bill Moyer, 24) 327-Chris Reichert, 25) 195-Aaron Frazier, 26) 64-Chris Angstadt, 27) 17x-Howard Reichert, 28) 14-Bob Wink, 29) 44-Joel Pilgert, 30) 2-Pat Hires, 31) 707-Chuck Keely, 32) 93-Eric Prentice, 33) 13x-Animal.


SMALL CAR ENDURO (100-laps): 1) 51R-Robby Dunn, 2) 39-Phil Levering, 3) 13-Don Daigneault, 4) 17-Art Kulik, 5) 65-Dan Daigneault, 6) L39-Linsey Rummel, 7) 82-Pete Wharton, 8) 511-Mike Dunn, 9) 66-John Cassady, 10) 90-Joel Matter, 11) 5-Dave Bentley Jr. 12) P13-Jen Hausman, 13) 03-Scott Dunn, 14) 88-Katie Todorow, 15) 3-Jake Daigneault, 16) 18-Steve Todorow, 17) 73-Dave Bentley Sr., 18) 69-Justin Dunn, 19) 57-Larry Carmen, 20) X-Matt Peck, 21) 04-Ross Coderoni, 22) 13x-Tyler Kerchner, 23) 29B-Jimmy Neiman, 24) 2JR-Pat Hires, 25) 1x-Mark Good, 26) 91-Jeff Levan, 27) 112-Ben Ferree, 28) 15-Steve Wilson, 29) 86-Todd Francis, 30) 81-Ken Wallace.


LADIES RACE (25-laps): 1) L39-Linsey Rummel, 2) P13-Jen Hausman, 3) 12-Jessica Dunn, 4) 21-Charlene Lisowski, 5) 39-Penelope Pitstop, 6) 82-Terez Kuronya, 7) 88-Katie Todorow.

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