Excellent opportunity to join a motorsports family!

Date: 3/11/2011 11:16:21 PM

Excellent opportunity to join a motorsports family!


AMB Motorsports and late model rookie contender Steve Butler are looking for support for their 2011 race season at Grandview Speedway.  Butler is a former Go Kart standout with more than 18 years of racing experience, 182 feature wins and 10 championships to his credit.  The team is owned by Amy Marie Blackmon, one of the few female car owners at Grandview Speedway and also a member of the National Association of Professional Women.


With the guidance of former Grandview Speedway late model champion Bob Higginbotham and Henning Motorsports’, AMB Motorsports is looking forward to a successful rookie season.   AMB Motorsports believes in focusing on developing a family oriented race team and we are confident that mindset will provide exceptional representation and promotion of our current sponsors.    We are actively seeking individuals or companies who are interested in an opportunity to be a team sponsor for the current season and beyond. Through exposure and visibility you can take advantage of the most cost effective advertising available today.


What makes sponsorship of a race team an excellent investment? Regardless of your product(s), the benefits to your company are many. The popularity of the sport has increased resulting in huge advertising venues for sponsors. Today, more than ever, motorsports offers one of the most unique and effective opportunities to promote and sell products and services.


It is a well known fact that racing events have a huge following and racing fans are strongly loyal to the sponsors and products advertised by their favorite drivers and teams.  Fans are extremely supportive of their drivers and/or teams and this support carries over to the Team Sponsors and their product and services.  Excellent exposure opportunities for your company and or products to the race fans may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • At the track - before, during and after a race
  • Driving/pulling a hauler on the highway to an event  aka “rolling billboard”
  • Car shows and Company events with the car and or driver/team
  • Web site link from the race team web site
  • Crew member shirts displaying sponsor logos and names
  • Hero/autograph cards with sponsor logos and names
  • Press release through out season
  • Full page advertisement in track program book

We welcome all sponsors and recognize not everyone has the ability to finance a large sponsorship package. That's okay, because everyone helps, and through the years it's been the smaller sponsors that have gotten racing started and staying active. Whether it’s a case of motor oil, a set of tires, a gallon of fuel, or small to large monetary sponsorship every contribution helps AMB Motorsports and your business to become a winning team. We are very flexible and will work with you to create a sponsorship package that suits your financial situation. 


If you would like to be apart of our motorsports family, please contact Amy Marie Blackmon at 267-772-3959 or team91@ambmotorsports91.com.

“Racing, it’s a family affair!”

Thank you for your consideration.


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