Bentley, Detweiler and Todorow Take NEETS “DirtStock” Wins at Grandview

Date: 8/31/2009 7:19:44 PM

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Bentley, Detweiler and Todorow Take NEETS “DirtStock” Wins at Grandview


Bechtelsville, PA- Sponsored by Conti Landscaping, the North East Enduro Tour Series (NEETS) took to Grandview Speedway for the running of “DirtStock” enduros on Sunday. Fans witnessed Dave Bentley, Jr. take a convincing victory in the 100-lap four cylinder event and Chuck Detweiler captured his first 6/8-cylinder NEETS victory of his career. Ten ladies lined up for the ladies enduro and Katie Todorow ran away with the victory.

Pole sitter, Lance Hoch, led his fellow 31 competitors to the wave of the green flag in the 100-lap four-cylinder portion of the afternoon. Hoch blasted to the early lead as the rest of the field began to get their bearings on the slippery surface.


A major pileup on the front stretch by lap three had Hoch looking for space that he couldn’t find, as Wayne Krause went to the outside to claim the top spot. However, Hoch pushed the GPS button and found his way out of the muddle and was soon passing Krause back for the lead.


Krause stayed close behind but disaster struck him shortly after, as he had to retire to the pits with a flat tire. A red flag was displayed on lap 46 when Nate Heffner, Jake Oswald and Tommy Stevens got together causing heavy damage to both Oswald and Steven's mounts. Both driver's climbed out under their own power as Heffner headed for the pits.


With Hoch still in the lead, Dave Bentley, Jr had been clawing his way through the field and was closing in on the leader. On lap 79, Hoch began to slow down and had to make a pit stop with a flat tire. The turn of events gave Bentley, Jr the lead and he never looked back as he took the checkers over Steve Todorow, Phil Levering, Mark Foreman and John Saccomondi.

Thirty-four big cars started with Jerry Arms on the pole position. As the green flag dropped, Keith Frankenfield shot out to grab the race lead as several cars had a hard time getting a firm hold on the track. The first of several red flags was displayed on lap 16 when Don Daigneault and Matt Peck made hard contact. Luckily but both were able to limp their vehicles into the pits.


The green dropped once again and with Frankenfield still in the race lead the red was shown again, this time on lap 20 when Chris Angstadt lost a tire and hit the backstretch wall. Once Angstadt was safely out of the vehicle, racing resumed with Frankenfield in front by a considerable margin on the rest of the field.


However, trouble struck the leader on lap 28 and he began to slow down with a flat tire, giving Chuck Detweiler time to catch up and pass him for the top spot. Frankenfield tried to take his mount into the pits, but the red flag was shown as Frankenfield's car began to smoke and catch fire by the pit entrance gate.


With the fire quickly extinguished and the driver safely into the pits, the green waved once again with Detweiler in the lead. Meanwhile, a terrific battle for second was taking place between Duane Eidem and Tim Pauch, who kept swapping the second spot back and forth.


A big pile up in turn three for heavy contact between Kory Stevens, Bob Kulik, Critter, Don Daigneault and Richie Smith brought out another red flag period. All of the drivers climbed from their mounts out under their own power and those who could continue did so as Detweiler continued to lead the way.


The battle raged on between Eidem and Pauch until lap 85 when Pauch snapped an axle and ended up in the infield.


Detweiler could not be caught as he made his way to the checkered flag followed by Eidem, Howie Bott, Chris Reichert and Drew Ott.


It was the first NEETS victory for Detweiler.

Ten Ladies hit the track with Tracy Berger-Carmen in the pole position. Berger-Carmen held onto the lead until Mandee Pauch took over by lap three. However, it was to be short-lived. Katie Todorow powered by Pauch by lap six and kept the position until the checkered flag waved. Todorow took the win followed by Pauch and Carrie Pyle.

Pet food and donations were collected for the Montgomery County SPCA located in Perkiomenville.


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