Date: 8/16/2009 3:16:55 AM

“One-third-mile, banked clay oval track”

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Saturday, August 22, 7:30 p.m. FHG Services Night featuring the NASCAR 358 Modifieds and Late Models
Saturday, August 29, 7:30 p.m. 3 Starz Inc. Landscaping Night with NASCAR 358 Modifieds, Late Models and ARDC Wingless Midgets. Also Dover International Speedway promo night with tire changing contest for fans.
Sunday, August 30th, 2:30 p.m. NEETS Enduro competition.
Saturday, September 5, 7:30 p.m. Green Lane Wm Penn/4 Star Lettering Night featuring NASCAR 358 Modifieds and Late Models.


BECHTELSVILLE, PA August 16, 2009 . . . For the 12th time this season a new winner went to victory lane in the NASCAR 358 Modified feature at Grandview Speedway. Young Brad Missimer was able to wheel the Schaeffer Motorsports/Cheers Tavern No. 327 modified to victory in the 30-lap WNPV-1440AM Radio Night NASCAR modified feature race earning his first career feature victory. The 20-lap Late Model feature was won by Chuck Schutz for his third win of the season with the BPG Racing sponsored entry.
 Bobby Gunther Walsh led the early laps of the modified feature with Missimer charging to the front on the fifth circuit of the one-third-mile, banked clay track. Once in front Missimer was able to handle challenges from a couple different competitors but was able to hold on to grab the $2200 victory. Second spot went to Billy Pauch Jr. followed by Kerry Kratz, Shawn Reimert and Terry Meitzler.
 The Late Model feature had Bill Henning leading the first half of the 20-lapper with Chuck Schutz taking the top spot on the 11th circuit. Henning was back in front on the 12th lap with Schutz regaining the lead on the 13th lap and going on to victory. Second was earned by Mike Kellner followed by Wayne Pfeil, Randy Stoudt and Ron Kline.
 Coming up on Saturday, August 22, 7:30 P.M. is another doubleheader show of NASCAR 358 Modifieds and Late Models sponsored by FHG Services.

BECHTELSVILLE, PA August 16, 2009 . . . After coming close to victory twice earlier in the season young Brad Missimer was able to drive the Schaeffer Motorsports/Cheers Tavern No. 327 to his first career win in the 30-lap WNPV-1440 AM Radio Night NASCAR 358 Modified feature race on Saturday night. The win at Grandview Speedway made the Bechtelsville youngster the 12th different modified feature winner this season. In the 20-lapper for late models defending champion Chuck Schutz was able to put the BPG Racing No. 1 in victory lane for the third time this season.
 Bobby Gunther Walsh went to the front of the 29-car starting field in the 30-lapper for the NASCAR 358 modifieds. With just two laps in the record book a multi-car tangle brought out the caution with Walsh able to set the pace on the restart. At five laps completed Missimer was able to charge past Walsh for the lead and took Kerry Kratz with him.
 At seven laps another multi-car accident sent Meme DeSantis, Kevin Hirthler and point leader Jeff Strunk to the pits. All returned to action. Duane Howard, second in the point standings, was towed to the pits on a wrecker.
 Missimer was in charge at 10 laps with Kratz and Shawn Reimert pressuring. At the 17 lap marker six time champion Craig VonDohren, who had been on a hot streak lately, brought out a caution as he slowed with a tire problem.
 On the restart Missimer was still the man to beat as Kratz, Reimert, Billy Pauch Jr. and Kyle Follweiler were chasing him.
 With six laps to go in the feature Todd Smith and VonDohren got together between turns three and four bringing out the caution and closing the field of challengers behind leader Missimer.
 The young racer was able to handle some lapped traffic and survive a caution on the 29th lap for Keith Hoffman who had engine problems while running sixth.
 On the restart the top three put on a battle that went right down to the checkered flag with Missimer, grandson to track owner Bruce Rogers,  able to pick up the $2,200 victory. Billy Pauch (Frenchtown, NJ) threaded the needle to get second coming off the fourth turn of the final lap with Kerry Kratz (Bechtelsville) earning an impressive third. Shawn Reimert (Oley) came home in fourth followed by Terry Meitzler (Kutztown). Current point leader Jeff Strunk was able to increase his point lead over Duane Howard as he finished ninth compared to Howard’s 27th.
 The 20-lap feature for late models had Bill Henning going to the front at the drop of the green. For 10 laps it looked like Henning, with a car sponsored in part by WNPV-AM Radio was going to be able to win the feature on his sponsor’s night.
 However on the 11th circuit Chuck Schutz was able to take the top spot and set the pace for just one lap before Henning was able to take back the lead. With 13 circuits completed Schutz charged back in front and was able to hold off the challenge of Mike Kellner (Lansdale) to grab the victory. Third place went to Wayne Pfeil (Mohnton) followed by current point leader Randy Stoudt (Pottstown) and Ron Kline (Salford).
 Qualifying heat races for the NASCAR 358 modifieds were won by Kyle Follweiler, Troy Wink, Billy Pauch Jr. and Terry Meitzler. Consolation race victories were earned by Kevin Hirthler and Jeff Strunk. Qualifiers for the late models went to Chuck Schutz, Danny Snyder and Randy Stoudt.
 The Dan’s Deli Halfway Leader awards went to Bill Henning in the late models and Brad Missimer in the modifieds. Gift certificates from Cargo Trailer Sales went to the 10th place finisher in each feature with Rick Todorow getting the award in late models while Meme DeSantis won it in the modifieds. Cornerstone Auto Sales Hard Charger Awards were earned by Kyle Merkel in the late models gaining 8 spots in the feature while Jeff Strunk gained 13 spots in the modified feature to get the award.
 The leader of each lap in the late model feature race received $14.40 courtesy of Joe and Linda Moskal of WNPV-1440 AM Radio.
  A doubleheader show of NASCAR 358 Modifieds and Late Models will be the attraction on Saturday, August 22nd at 7:30 p.m. The night is sponsored by FHG Services.
 A new sponsor joins the Grandview Speedway family of marketing partners on Saturday, August 29th when 3 Starz Inc. Landscaping sponsors the tripleheader show of NASCAR 358 modifieds, late models and American Racing Drivers Club wingless midgets.
 The month of racing at Grandview closes with the Sunday, August 30th NEETS Enduro competition starting at 2:30 p.m.
 Grandview Speedway is a one-third-mile, banked clay oval track located at 43 Passmore Road, just off Route 100, in Bechtelsville, PA, just 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or visit their website at

WNPV-1440 AM RADIO NIGHT NASCAR  ALL AMERICAN SERIES 358 MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH 30 laps: 1. Brad Missimer 2. Billy Pauch Jr. 3. Kerry Kratz 4. Shawn Reimert 5. Terry Meitzler 6. Mike Gular 7. Ryan Godown 8. Jon Kellner Sr. 9. Jeff Strunk 10. Meme DeSantis 11. Jason Hamilton 12. John Willman 13. Jon Kellner Jr. 14. Craig VonDohren 15. Kevin Hirthler 16. Don Norris 17. Bobby Gunther Walsh 18. Todd Smith (Balance of field did not finish) 19. Keith Hoffman 20. Keith Brightbill 21. Kyle Follweiler 22. Sean Merkel 23. Ray Swinehart 24. Troy Wink 25. Mark Kratz 26. Tom Umbenhauer 27. Duane Howard 28. Jason Smythe 29. John Tschudy
WNPV-1440 AM RADIO NIGHT NASCAR LATE MODEL FEATURE 20 laps: 1. Chuck Schutz 2. Mike Kellner 3. Wayne Pfeil 4. Randy Stoudt 5. Ron Kline 6. Dallas Breidenbach 7. Bill Henning 8. Brian Shuey 9. John Giesler 10. Rick Todorow 11. Nate Christman 12. John Favinger 13. Kyle Merkel 14. Doug Walton (Rest of the field did not finish) 15. Dennis Pieper 16. Kurt Spotts 17. Danny Snyder 18. Buddy Wharton 19. Kory Fleming 20. D.D. Keely


1.     Jeff Strunk, Mohnton, PA #41     4640**
2.     Duane Howard, Oley, PA #4     4356**
3.     Craig VonDohren, Oley, PA #1C     4169***
4.     Meme DeSantis, Temple, PA  #88D     3958*
5.     Billy Pauch Jr., French Town, NJ #8P     3785*
6.     Terry Meitzler, Kutztown, PA   #81     3597
7.     Mike Gular, Harleysville, PA #53     3584
8.     Kevin Hirthler, Green Lane, PA  #117     3543**
9.     Doug Manmiller, Shoemakersville, PA #14     3113
10.     Jon Kellner Sr., Lansdale, PA  #8     2950
11.     Jason Hamilton, Erwinna, PA  #15     2894
12.     Ryan Godown, Ringoes, NJ  #R1     2597**
13.     Shawn Reimert, Oley, PA  #58     2497
14.     John Willman, Birdsboro, PA  #74W     2331
15.     Kerry Kratz, Bechtelsville, PA  #87     2149
16.     Danny Heiber, Penndel, PA  #107     2003
17.     Keith Brightbill, Reading, PA  #K2     1930
18.     Sean Merkel, Gilbertsville, PA  #118     1894
19.     Addison Meitzler, Kutztown, PA  #21     1859*
20.     Ray Swinehart, Bechtelsville, PA  #33     1809*
21.     Tom Umbenhauer, Richland, PA  #19/357     1808
22.     Brad Missimer, Bechtelsville, PA  #327     1752*
23.     Don Norris, Douglassville, PA  #976     1715
24.     Jason Smythe, Oley, PA #71     1600
25.     Jon Kellner Jr., Lansdale, PA  #67     1550*
26.     Kyle Follweiler, Slatington, PA  #42     1518
27.     Ryan Grim, Laury’s Station, PA  #17     1406
28.     Keith Hoffman, Allentown, PA #15J     1387
29.     Ryan Beltz, Schwenksville, PA  #221     1308
29.     Troy Wink, Mohrsville, PA  #44/47     1308
Also Feature Winner, Tommy Scheetz


1.     Randy Stoudt, Pottstown, PA #118     4549**
2.     Brian Shuey, Shoemakersville, PA  #5     4490**
3.      Ron Kline,  Salfordville, PA #3     4304**
4.     Kyle Merkel, Gilbertsville, PA  #117     4207*
5.     Mike Kellner, Lansdale, PA  #57     4139***
6.     Wayne Pfeil Jr., Mohnton, PA #72     4104*
7.      Danny Snyder, Green Lane, PA  #4S     4008*
8.     Rick Todorow, Quakertown, PA  #93     3992
9.     Chuck Schutz, Pottstown, PA  #ONE     3956***
10.     John Giesler, Aston, PA  #ZT1     3537
11.     Bill Henning, Lansdale, PA  #80     3388
12.     Nate Christman,  Oley, PA  #37     3341*
13.     Jonathan Favinger,  Birdsboro, PA  #18     3025
14.     Kurt Spotts, Pennsburg, PA  #70     2857
15.     Doug Walton, Spring City, PA  #02     2540
16.     Buddy Wharton, Birdsboro, PA #7B     2415
17.     Dallas Bridenbach, Spring City, PA  #007/2     2116
18.     Buddy Mertz, New Berlinville  #00     1962
19.     Dennis Pieper,  Salford, PA  #409     1911
20.     Andy Ressler, Macungie, PA #28     1659
21.     Jamie Undercoffler, Pennsburg, PA  #1J     1612
22.     Kory Fleming, Milford, NJ  #704     1576
23.     Chris Wojnar, Boyertown, PA  #69/88     1284
24.     Bobby Wyatt,  Reading, PA  #14     1246
25.     D.D. Keely, Linfield, PA  #707     682
26.     John Willman, Birdsboro, PA  #7B     417
27.     Dirk Rimroh, #007     405
28.     Rusty Hassall, Bechtelsville, PA  #10     399
29.     Randall Paxton, Factoryville, PA #22R     333
30.     Greg Hoffmaster, Pottstown, PA  #69     253
     * denotes feature win

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